Traditional Art VS Digital Art

When it comes to traditional art vs digital art, there are so many different opinions. Especially now that technology has developed very far and is easy to be accessed by almost everyone, art has begun to evolve and as a result, more artists are making digital art. But of course, traditional art still has a lot of fans. This is because traditional art also has advantages and uniqueness that are different from digital art. Although there are also some drawbacks. In my opinion, here are some advantages and disadvantages of traditional and digital art. Digital Art Advantages 1. More cost effective Digital art does not require real materials, everything is done directly on hardware such as computers or mobile devices like tablets or even smartphones. So digital artists do not need to spend money to buy materials such as canvas and paint. It is enough to only pay the electricity bill which is relatively cheaper. 2. Easy to carry anywhere The type of hardware that can support programs for digital art is now easier to carry and portable. It’s even enough with a mini tablet. Data storage can also be saved to the cloud so there is no need to […]
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