Looking for Inspiration from the World Around

Some artists I know like to tell me how hard it is to find inspiration to create new works of art. I half agree and disagree with that statement. For me, I can find inspiration from various sources. Maybe if I’m in a bad mood looking for inspiration can be very challenging. But rather than that, the more difficult stage for me is taking action and shaping the inspiration from our brains into a real form. Sometimes the ideas do not match with what’s in our minds after we try to make them. Looking for ideas is only the beginning of the production line of a work of art. So it’s better to gather as many ideas as you can. How do you find inspiration more effectively? The first thing I do when I need to find ideas quickly is searching the internet. Yes, the internet. This is not something new in this digital era. We can search for various topics on Google, Pinterest, and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And all that with just one click. But looking for ideas through the internet has its drawbacks. When we see a lot of art made by other […]
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