It’s Not Always About the Brush

Have you ever seen other artists draw and then wondered. What brushes do they use? How come it looks comfortable and nice. If so, you are not alone. I also often think like that. But in fact, the brush does not always essential when drawing. That doesn’t mean different brushes won’t affect the outcome of the image. Because at certain times when we want to add texture to an image, the right brush will add texture better than a regular brush. Same Brush Different Results So why do I say it doesn’t always essential to your work? This goes back to the knowledge and experience of each of us. In his book Making Comics, Scott McCloud tells how an experienced artist Paul Smith can create professional-looking doodles even with just an ordinary ballpoint pen and plain paper. I myself also realized the same thing when I was studying in the art college. We were required to buy the exact same equipment to attend classes. Includes brushes and paints for drawing. But in the end, the artworks produced by each student in the class are very different from one another. I also like to try various brushes used by other artists […]
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