What We Can Learn from Ghibli Museum’s Concept in Mitaka

April comes with warmer weather. In a tropical country like Indonesia, we’re entering the dry season. Meanwhile, in subtropical countries, spring begins to come and flower buds begin to appear one by one. The weather was getting warmer and people were starting to get outside more often. What activities do you like when we can start to move more freely? I usually like to visit new places or try something new. Sometimes I also like to visit the museum once in a while. One of the most interesting museums I’ve ever visited is the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Japan. For fans of the Ghibli movies, I highly recommend stopping by here if you get the chance. Because I guarantee that you can experience the fantasy world in the Ghibli film directly there. Not Just a Museum Instead of using the general concept of a museum, Ghibli Museum prefers a concept of a recreation area for its visitors. Starting from the bus that will take you to the museum, the bus is also ‘dressed’ with a minimalist Ghibli theme. Who knows you might see one or two Susuwatari in it. Once you arrive at the museum, you will find a ticket […]
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